Alexa ranking Not working on wenbrank April 2012 Solved !!

Alexa ranking Not working on webrank April 2012 Solved !!

Have you noticed alexa not working and showing n/a for past 3 days April 10,11,12 2012.It seems algorithm was undergoing some changes due to which it was not showing any changes on webrank tool bar addon of Firefox browser .All SEO enthusiast going desperate to learn what went wrong .Now finally Alexa is started to give its daily Ranking on the Web Rank addon bar.Although Alexa backlink counter was working even when Rank counter showed n/a. Although people not giving it much priority ,it has a day to day importance for an SEO company as it acts as an assessing tool on daily basis unlike Google PR which normally shows changes not very rapidly .

Choice of Keywords Clients responsibility or Seo Companies ?

Common question like what keyword should i choose from clients of seo companies .How do they go about choosing the right ones .Its important to understand that seo is a long term project so keyword research must be thorough .A successful project relies on the choice of keywords, keywords must be relevant and you need to get an ROI for your investment ,The client knows its product better than the SEO Company ,therefore client must help in the selection of appropriate keywords ,a good SEO Company is here to council with you about the keywords not choose them for you and in the end you need to green light the final list and OK the keywords that the SEO company will optimize and work on your behalf .