Over-Optimization Penalty – Google

Greetings and welcome back! Today something on Over-Optimization Penalty by Google

Matt Cutts said the new over optimization penalty will be introduced into the search results in the upcoming month or next few weeks. The purpose is to “level the playing field,” Matt Cutts said. Some people are saying that their websites are already suffering.This is a very good news for people who were worried about spam sites ranking high all the time. Websites ranking high with absolutely no content at all but thousands of back-links are awaiting to be penalized by Google and dropped out because of suffering caused to other deserving SEO Companies websites. Google’s spam-master, Matt Cutts says there is no such thing as “the (perfect or magical) key-phrase density for Google.” Period.Remember that the search engine results page is your first opportunity for conversion.And, for the most part, most search engines have made a lot of progress on being able to crawl though that richer content.Shoving every keyphrase you can think of in the Title tag won’t help you.